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A. All ingredients in ProtectGel are naturally derived, oil-free, non-alcoholic, chemical free, and are weakly acidic, which in turn is safe for use, by not only adults, but also by children. In addition, it contains ingredients such as quince seed extract and Growth Factor Serum (human oligopeptide-1), which protects the skin from ultraviolet rays while providing care.A. Myufull products are manufactured with all natural ingredients. We do not provide refill services due to quality and hygiene assurances that we provide. We do provide some products, specifically Myufull Lotion, in a 1 L bottle. The 3 piece set process begins with the cleansing followed by the lotion and then to the facial mask (PACK). Myufull Skincare system does not use any synthetic or chemical substances and aims to enhance the natural self-healing power of the skin. For that purpose, we recommend using the Cleansing, Lotion, Pack in that specific order. For guests who have, or require more care, we recommend including the Myufull Growth Factor Serum as well.A. This process is called the Myufull Original Keratin Care Method. We gently massage the skin with plenty of Lotion and then gently wipe it off with the Myufull Aesthetics face towel. The natural ingredients within our Lotion are formulated together to loosen the keratin on the surface of the skin while nourishing and rejuvenating it. The Myufull Aesthetics face towel will then gently remove dirt and old keratin while leaving the skin with a smooth texture leading to a healthier complexion.A. The expiration date for all unopened Myufull products is 3 years from the date of manufacture. It is recommended to store them at room temperature, away from direct sunlight, high temperature, humidity, and use as soon as possible after opening. The Myufull Growth Factor Serum is required to be stored in the refrigerator as soon as it is opened and in use. All Myufull products are natural and do not contain any synthetic chemicals to extend shelf life.A. We do not conduct any tests using animals when developing products and we will not ever conduct those forms of tests in the future. Myufull uses only natural ingredients that have been confirmed to be safe.For all memberships at Oo Spa, please call us at 604-848-8470 to purchase the membership.Oo Spa cares about each and every guest and as such has designed their services to be on time so that guests do not wait for their service or treatment. If you will be more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, please contact us to reschedule.The packaged services are designed specifically to allow for your Skincare Specialist to provide the treatments in a specific order which will assist in achieving your skin goals. For that reason, the package must be followed in the order it is in.The packages are available to be purchased and started over again, however, after the first round of treatments, the complimentary products are not given a second time.At Oo Spa we are always looking for quality, reliable, honest team members to join. Please contact us at [email protected] with your Resume and Cover Letter.


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