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Founded on the principles of Japanese gold standards of beauty and wellness

Oo Spa (王 -pronounced “Oh” – Royal) is an upscale Japanese-inspired spa focused on providing premium all natural facial treatments, Japanese skincare products, and premium barber services in an authentic and serene environment. Retreat into a haven of relaxation and luxury, and experience the Japanese art of skin care and hair cuts in a nature-influenced setting. We blend technical expertise with traditional Japanese standards to refresh and enhance your overall appearance and well-being. We embody the spirit of Japanese hospitality, or omotenashi, to wholeheartedly serve you as our valued guest. It’s a philosophy rooted in the concept that “client is God.” We make sure that your every need is anticipated by our dedicated staff; ensuring you instantly feel a sense of tranquility, tradition and undeniable luxury.

Oo Japanese Spa 皇家日式美容理髮中心是一家位於溫哥華的傳統日式護膚中心,服務項目包括男女士高端面部護理和男士日式傳統奢華理髮。美容院環境佈置著重於讓客戶感受到放鬆與奢華的同時,體驗日本的護膚和美髮藝術,我們將技術與日本傳統標準結合來刷新您的幸福感。我們體現了日本待客之道以及日本人的款待哲学 “omotenashi おもてなし”的精神,竭誠為您服務。這是一種植根於 “客戶就是上帝” 概念的哲學。我們確保我們敬業的員工能夠滿足您的每一個需求,確保您立即感受到寧靜,傳統和不可否認的奢華感。

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Oo Spa offers innovative, all-natural facial treatments that are led by our Certified Myufull Skincare Specialists. Our world renowned Japanese skincare products are used within each service and our Skincare Specialists work with you one-on-one to address and correct your skin concerns, guiding you to achieve and maintain your skin goals.

皇家日式美容中心提供創新的全天然面部護理,由我們的認證 MyuFull 護膚專家領銜指導。 我們在每項服務中都使用我們來自於日本獲獎的護膚產品,我們的美容師會與您一對一探討您的肌膚問題,用專業護理步驟指導您達到理想的肌膚狀況。

Facial Packages

Experience the transformative benefits of our Refresh, Renew, Nurture Facial treatments. Guided by our Certified Myufull Skincare specialists, you’ll not only receive 8 facial treatments but you will also learn the fundamentals of skincare and how to effectively use our products for a radiant glow at home. With our patented BioWarmy Pack, we minimize pores, improve complexion, reduce  the appearance of sun spots, hyperpigmentation, and improve texture. The patented Luxe-Skin Revitalizing device provides an all natural lift and tightened facial structure, revealing a contoured effect and renewed radiance. In the Refresh and Renew treatment, receive the full Myufull system in the travel size as well as the Myufull Lotion 300ml and Facial Towel, while Nurture provides a customized approach addressing specific concerns. The Myufull Skincare System, BioWarmy Pack, and Luxe-Skin device combine to create a regimen you and your skin will love. Complete your Nurture treatment with Myufull Natural Lotion, Natural Cleanser, Natural PACK (rejuvenation mask), and two Facial Towels. Discover the ultimate in skincare excellence with Refresh, Renew, Nurture.

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BioWarmy Body Treatments

Experience the transformative power of BioWarmy, a natural exfoliating treatment formulated with Rosin and Beeswax. This versatile solution offers a multitude of benefits, including efficient hair removal, reduction of scarring and hyperpigmentation, and effective elimination of dead skin cells. With its gentle yet powerful properties, BioWarmy provides a safe and natural alternative to harsh chemical waxes. Say goodbye to unwanted hair and hello to smooth, rejuvenated skin with this remarkable treatment for multiple body parts. Discover the beauty of BioWarmy and unlock a new level of skincare excellence.

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