What is Growth Factor and why it is a must have in your skincare routine!

EGF which stands for Epidermal Growth Factor (or the miracle ingredient as we like to call it!) is a naturally occurring substance that is found in your body. It is responsible for many wonderful processes and it is an innovative and very effective ingredient when it comes to skincare products because of it’s amazing properties.

4 reasons your skin needs

Myufull Epidermal Growth Factor Serum:

1. Speeds up Wound Recovery

Epidermal Growth Factor is a molecule that stimulates growth at a cellular level. It is a signalling molecule that begins the process of healing. One of the key rolls it plays is to be a healing agent to restore and heal damaged skin, not only on your face, but all over your body. Epidermal Growth Factor is very helpful in healing acne-damaged skin as well as cuts, scrapes and burns to assist in scar prevention.

2. Assists in Hyperpigmentation

You know those dark spots that acne causes after it’s healed? You can thank melanin for that. Epidermal Growth Factor helps to prevent melanin production during wound healing. In other words, it helps to prevent those red marks left behind by acne breakouts which also helps to reduce scarring.

3. Assists in Maintaining your Skin’s Hydration

We all know that hydrated skin is healthy skin. Your skins hydration levels are critical when it comes to supporting your skin health. By consuming adequate amounts of water and by using Epidermal Growth Factor, you support your skins ability to maintain its moisture levels. Epidermal Growth Factor is also key when it comes to the strength of the skin’s barrier which leads to your skins being able to maintain optimal levels of hydration to give you that glow you always wanted.

4. Growth Factors are Naturally Made in Your Body

If you’re familiar with Japanese skincare philosophies, you’ll know that the focus is on long term results. This is why Myufull takes an all-natural approach to skincare. Growth Factors are naturally found in your skin and when they are used in skincare, you are supplying your body with more of what it already produces.


Ready to introduce Myufull Epidermal Growth Factor into your skincare routine?
Add our Myufull Growth Factor Serum into your lineup!


You can apply it to anywhere on your body that has blemish, aging spot or acne-damaged skin. It is formulated with Growth Factor and a high concentration of botanical ingredients that were hand-picked for their healing properties to make it a staple in your skincare routine!

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