The Luxe-Skin Anti-Aging Device

The latest technology to help combat all signs of aging.

Can you spot the difference between the left and right side of her face?

When it comes to your skin, preventative care is essential in maintaining youthful, healthy and beautiful skin!

Let’s face it, our skin truly changes as we get older – this is unfortunately inevitable, however the more you protect and take preventative measures with proper techniques, routines and formulas – the better your skin will look and feel as time goes on.

What exactly happens to your skin as you age?

This truly depends on several factors which may include: lifestyle, personal habits, diet, sleep, sun exposure, overall care and genetics.

Primary causes are due to: a decrease in collagen production, subcutaneous fat loss, reduced elastin fibres and Hyaluronic Acid reduction.

This often results in the appearance of: fragile and thinning skin, deep and fine lines, wrinkles, Hyperpigmentation, sun spots and lower skin laxity.

What measures can we take to prevent anti-aging?

• Protecting ourselves from the sun
• Moisturizing
• Staying hydrated
• Eating vitamin-rich foods
• Relaxing your face

Did you know that only 30% of our facial muscles are used on a daily basis?

Over time these muscles deteriorate, similar to our arms and legs. Without the proper techniques and training, these muscles begin to weaken and sag, requiring a new found workout routine, specially designed to redefine and restructure our face.

This device utilizes advanced EMS waveform and Aeon technology, boosting muscle activity by passing a pulse current and targeting areas that are prone to showing distress such as the: face, ears, neck and hands. This specialized wave form increases ATP production within your skin, which is vital for increasing and restoring collagen and elastin.

The low to high frequency intervals mimic the effects of a soft massage, allowing yourself to relax and unwind while the device takes care of all the work.


This all-in-one tool has become one of our go-to’s when it comes to combating signs of aging here at Oo Spa.


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