Myufull Natural Lotion Pro Tips 101

So word on the street is there’s a new magical lotion going around and it’s doing wonders for peoples skin! Best of all it’s made with 100% natural ingredients.

We’re sure you’ve heard the news by now, and if you haven’t then you’ve come to the right place! Let us guide you and share some of our pro tips to achieving that natural radiance for your skin.

Introducing our MUST-HAVE Myufull Natural Lotion!

Now you might be wondering what makes this lotion so special and how can it make your skin glow?

To start off, this product is made with all sustainable ingredients with one of the primary ingredients being wild mountainside Damascus roses. These roses are all naturally grown and hand picked at an elevation of 2,500 feet where the climate allow for the quality and natural essence to flourish. Studies have shown that they carry antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants – everything you need in your everyday skincare.

Now that you understand our product more we want to share some special tips to help you achieve that popular “glass-skin” people are raving about!

Pro Tips 101:

• Apply Myufull Natural Lotion onto your face after cleansing with Myufull Natural Cleanser to achieve maximum results.
• On days when you’re not wearing makeup, instead of washing your face with cleanser use lotion to clean. This is a secret tip many Japanese people use. Simply massage Myufull Natural Lotion onto your face then wipe off with our Myufull Towel (make sure the towel is damp).
• Clean your face with Myufull Natural Lotion at least three times a day, trust us you’ll notice a big difference.
• Our Myufull Natural Lotion can be used on your entire body! It is also a secret tip that Japanese people share.
• Prior to going into the sauna room, rub Myufull Natural Lotion all over your body and you’ll come out with super soft skin, p.s it will also make you smell like roses.
• Apply Myufull Natural Pack onto your face after using Myufull Natural Lotion and prior to sleeping, you’ll wake up with an extra layer of glow.

Now that we’ve shared our top secrets, what are you waiting for! It’s time to pull out that Myufull Natural Lotion and start your journey to achieving radiant glowing skin.

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